kopie Our Villa

The perfect hide out

This detached villa is situated on the seashore at 100 metres from Lagun bay, in the fisherman’s village Lagun. A very comfortable DeLuxe vacation villa where you can enjoy life to the max during a short or long stay. Hospitality and wellness are the keywords. The completely furnished villa offers you a spacious living, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets and a fully equipped kitchen, satellite-TV, DVD-player, internet-connection… everything you may need for a relaxed holiday, far from the crowd. There’s also an African open-air bar (Gazebo) where you can sip your drinks and taste your snacks whilst watching the stunning Caribbean sunset. Off course you can dive in your private swimming pool with its own terrace and shower. Stone steps lead along the rocks to the sea where you can swim or catch some fish for a BBQ. The friendly staff of Pelican Villa is ready to assist you before and during your holiday.

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